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Vector graphics are composed by layering graphic primitives whose position and/or shape is determined from arbitrarily transformable vector data:

  • lines, multi-lines, and polygons
  • circles, ellipses, wedges, arcs
  • open and closed b-splines
  • scaleable transformable text
  • bitmaps and rasters
  • composite graphics
  • Editors

    Vector graphic editors interactively create and manipulate these layers. All have a way to choose and change the state used to render the graphic:

  • foreground and background colors
  • fill patterns
  • brush width and pattern
  • font type and size
  • and change the size (scaling), location (translation), and orientation (rotation) of the graphic as well. Some support gradient-fills, path-alignment, alpha-transparency, and anti-aliasing.


    Vector graphic libraries are for rendering these graphic primitives. Vector graphic frameworks are partial applications one can use to construct custom interfaces with embedded vector graphic capability.

    NOTE: the Most Active and Top Downloads boxes are generated from a combination of featured projects and the Trove category below. Use these statistics with caution, in that some projects (like XFree86) do not use all the available services from which the metrics are computed and/or maintain alternate download facilties. Statistics look alive again, but unstable March 1st, 2002

    Topic : Multimedia : Graphics : Editors : Vector-Based in the softwaremap.

    If your project is based on vector-graphics but not an editor, please feel free to register in the above trove entry regardless, or send e-mail to us to get considered for a featured project.

    Free Free  Copyleft GPL  LGPL LGPL  Mozilla MPL  AFPL AFPL  QPL QPL  Python Python  SemiFree Gratis yet Restricted 

    Projects Pages
    at SourceForge
  • AFPL AFPL Ghostscript PostScript renderer
  • Free Anti-Grain Geometry rendering library
  • Copyleft AutoTrace raster vectorization
  • Copyleft Biggles Python scientific plotting
  • LGPL Berlin CORBA/C++ framework and windowing system
  • Copyleft Bukoo Flash ASP
  • LGPL Dia Canvas graph-editing library
  • Copyleft Doodle Origami drawing language
  • Free DPS, Display PostScript X11 extension
  • LGPL drawboard, Java shared whiteboard
  • LGPL dxflib, DXF reading library
  • Copyleft epd vector format
  • Copyleft figurine fig format editor
  • Copyleft g2 C library
  • Copyleft Gill editor
  • Free gnuplot plotting utility
  • Free ivtools editors and C++ frameworks
  • Mozilla Jazz Java framework
  • LGPL JFreeChart Java plotting library
  • Copyleft JHotDraw Java framework
  • Copyleft K3Studio modeling workbench
  • LGPL Python piddle (sping) Python library
  • Python pingo Python framework
  • LGPL Plot-PS/XPS PostScript library/viewer
  • Copyleft SciGraphica scientific plotting
  • LGPL Python Sketch editor and Python framework
  • Copyleft Sodipodi editor
  • QtPL Tgif editor
  • LGPL Voodoo UML diagram editor
  • Free vxl image analysis library
  • Free XFree86 C library and windowing system
  • Free Zodius C++ library
  • Projects Pages
    at Savannah
  • Copyleft GNU Ghostscript PostScript renderer
  • LGPLCopyleft GNUstep with Display PostScript
  • Other Featured Projects
  • Copyleft Babylon Java group whiteboard
  • SemiFree daVinci graph editor/framework
  • Copyleft Dia diagram editor
  • SemiFree DISLIN plotting utility
  • Free Fresco CORBA/C++ framework
  • Free Geist editor with raster focus
  • CopyleftGTKFIG diagram editor
  • CopyleftGYVE editor
  • Copyleft ImPress Tcl-based editor
  • Free InterViews/Unidraw editor and C++ frameworks
  • Copyleft Ipe plugin extendable editor
  • Copyleft Kivio KDE diagram editor
  • Copyleft Kontour KDE editor
  • Copyleft KSVG KDE SVG plugin
  • LGPL libart C library
  • Copyleft MuPdf PDF viewer
  • CopyleftOpenOffice Graphics Project
  • CopyleftGNU plotutils
  • Copyleft pstoedit conversion utility
  • Copyleft QCad 2D CAD
  • Copyleft TCM Toolkit for Conceptual Modeling
  • Free WINTERP Motif framework
  • Free X11 Rendering Extension
  • Free xfig editor
  • Copyleft xpdf viewer/converter

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    Please suggest new topics or provide any other feedback to vectorgraphics-admin@lists.sourceforge.net

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  • Editors
  • Specialized Applications
  • Animation
  • CAD
  • Graph Editors and Diagram Editors
  • Plotting Utilities
  • GIS
  • Miscellaneous
  • Formats
  • Interchange Formats
  • Conversion Utilities
  • Vectorization Tools see Similar Projects
  • Definition | Editors | Libraries | Frameworks | Projects | Subtopics

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