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Vector Graphic Frameworks

Vector graphic frameworks are partial applications, object-oriented or otherwise, used for the construction of custom applications.

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  • Berlin

    Berlin is an evolution of Fresco aimed at creating a CORBA-based scene-graph server as an alternate to X Windows.


    Fresco is an evolution of InterViews that unifies graphic and widget objects and adds a CORBA interface.


    InterViews is a native C++ toolkit for Xlib. Unidraw is a framework built on top of it for custom direct manipulation graphical editors.


    ivtools is an evolution of InterViews and Unidraw that adds layers for scripting, multi-frame, and graph-editing.


    Jazz is a 2d graphics toolkit for Java


    JHotDraw is a GPL'ed Java clone of HotDraw originated by Erich Gamma.


    pingo is an object-oriented framework for 2d graphics in Python


    Sketch is a graphics editor written mostly in Python that could be used as a framework as well.


    WINTERP is a scriptable Motif widget for 2d graphics.

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